A Unique Milwaukee River Excursion

A scenic AND FUN way to see our lovely city


Our Trips

Each tour is 1 hour and 45 minutes, We can fit up to 14 people per boat. We have two boats if your group is larger than 14.



Bring Your Own Beer. We provide coolers, ice, a Captain, and a First Mate. Food welcome too.


Milwaukee River

All tours start and end downtown at the Harp, (116 Juneau). Lots of great river bars along the way to make "Pit Stops."


Rent an entire boat (fits up to 14) or join a public tour

Private Tours

Fridays and Saturdays - $499

Sunday Fun Day - $399

Mon - Thursday - $375

Holiday Sundays - $419

Need 2 or more boats together? call us to book, 414-241-4394


Public Tours



For small groups, we run public tours too!

Sun - Thurs - $30 / person

Fri & Sat - $39 /person

We run one public tour each Friday and Saturday. If you have a group of six or more, we will start another public tour (if we have a private time slot open). Call or text us to to set up a new public tour 414-241-4394


How many people can fit on the boat?

We can fit up to 14 people on a boat, need more, we have two boats, call us to book two boats, 414-241-4394, need even more room, we can fit up to 96 on our Pedal Tavern (bike pub crawl) tours, same phone number can help reserve boats or bikes.

Is Pedaling Difficult on the boat?

No it’s pretty easy, if you have done our Bike tours before you know that small hills can be a bit of workout, the boats are considerably easier. The river is flat, and we have a 20 HSP motor assisting, bring Grandma along for the ride.

Alcohol / Food / Cooler / Music Situation.

Bring Your Own Beer!! We have 4 built in bar coolers with ice to cool your drinks down. No Glass, up to 3 per person. Food is welcome too, the general rule of food is what can you eat one handed without a napkin or utensil (pretzels, sandwiches= awesome; birthday cake = horribly messy. Plug your phone into our sound system, a good play list goes a long way.

Where do we Launch? How long are the tours??

Our standard tour is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. We start and end the trips from the docks behind the Harp, 113 E Juneau Ave. We do allow for customization to length of tour, and custom drop off on non peak days.

Do you provide driver? Can we tip them?

We sure do, our boats are Coast Guard certified, and staffed with licensed captains and even a first mate, you guys relax and have fun, we will take care of all the “boat stuff.” And yes they love tips.

How does the trip work, do we stop at bars along the way?

It’s totally your call, the Milwaukee River is a gem and full of great river bars to make a quick pit stop, how many and where you stop are up to you, complete list and map here.




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