Duffy Boats -new for 2018

Meet the newest members of the Fleet. We love these boats because they are super easy to drive (don't have to be a boat person to drive), and Eco Friendly (Certified Zero Emissions), and of course very stylish little vessels. Be a captain for the day, BYOB, and enjoy the lovely and scenic Milwaukee River.



Did we mention they are as easy to drive as a golf cart. No Boating license needed, just need to be 25+ with a valid drivers license! 

boaticon1 (1).png

Super Easy to Drive

Be a captain for the day. No Boating experience needed, as easy as driving a golf car.. Just need to be 25+ with a valid drivers license. If you don't want to drive you can hire a skipper here


BYO- Beer, Food, Music

Bring you own beer, snacks, music, friends. We ice up your coolers and clean them when your done.


Duffy Boats

Explore the Milwaukee River on our easy to drive  luxury boats. Boats fit up to 12 passengers, are Family and Eco Friendly,  Certified Zero Emissions!



All Rentals are 2 hours long.


Fridays $339

Sundays $319

Mon-Thursday $299

Please call if you would like to book 2 or more boats together, 414-241-4394, want to hire a skipper to drive your Duffy rental- there is a third party service that you can hire, click here for more info on hiring a skipper.


All Duffy Rentals Launch from the Cooperage Building, (818 S Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53204). We have staff at the Harp Docks too, where we launch our other boats, (Paddle Taverns). So we have those docks staffed to help land your Duffy if you want you to stop there, thus eliminating the hardest part of boating, parking the boat.